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Re: abortion

Sep 18, 1995 08:36 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Assuming that reincarnation is the rule, and assuming that we all have duties
>to fulfill, and assuming that the pain and suffering of our lives reflect our
>personal karma, how does a theosophist view the issue of abortion.
> Logically, given these assumptions, I can argue that there is karmic justice
>served for the aborted fetus, that the abortionist is only doing his duty,
>and that any injustice in this act will be worked out in the next
>incarnation. I do not understand the difference between killing a combatant
>in war and killing an unborn fetus.

How is this theosophy? Are you attempting to balance all karma in your life
in order that you may be liberated from rebirth? Have you ever heard of that
karma which requires a soul to live one more time? It is told in instances
when a newborn baby dies. As long as the soul is within the form for one
day, the requirement is fulfilled. Where did I hear this story? Anyone?

>With apologies to Brenda, I repeat that this is not my position in this life,
>and I am not asking this question to have my opinion changed. I am trying to
>understand the concepts of karma, darmha, and reincarnation, and within this
>arguement, I perceive a conflict. How do you all see the issue of abortion
>within the framework of theosophy?

Birth control isn't a current issue within the Society. Try just putting up
your own musings because it sounds to me like you would prefer for men to go
to war rather than have women do family planning. Would you also like to
know how theosophists view war?

I just can't see any dilemma within karma, dharma, and reincarnation. I read
somewhere that people can take birth again right away after death. This is a
common belief. Does this help? Do you want to know where they are going to
be born? Perhaps the waiting list is like in immigration. More people want
birth in the U.S. than there are available families for.

Did you ever hear the strange idea from de Purucker that before the baby is
conceived, there is a portion of the permanent ego (for want of a better
term) present in the aura of the man and also present in the aura of the
selected woman? Before conception!!!! Sounds like a little baby's planning
ahead for a little nooky.

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