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Re: Reconciling tensions

Sep 16, 1995 11:04 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Paul wrote:
 Anyhow, a model for reconciling the tensions occurred to
> me last Saturday when Ed Abdill was speaking.


 This is idea reminded me of one of my own concerning the periodic
tensions and splits which I have been involved in over the years as a
Federation and branch president.

 I, too, think the TS needs a model which is would nuture the
creation of new groups. In a grad class on group dynamics I came
across the idea of size as an element in the effectiveness of a
group. This was more specifically being discussed in relation to
committees and what sizes seemed to function best.

 I saw groups grow rapadily. As more people became involved and
interests broadened the group subdivided, like a cell. BUT, that was
viewed as unhealthy, disloyal and discouraged. Struggles intensified
until clicks formed and the group broke up under the stresses.

 If groups were expected to foster new groups and when the group
reached a size capable of supporting a subdivision, new groups could
come into existence without disrupting the current groups.

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