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to: Tracey

Sep 16, 1995 11:49 AM

Hi, Tracey,

It seems to be behaving this evening, so let's try again.

I was really happy that you said you'd accept an occasional
message to my friend Marie. I've been asking around the
Theosophical internet for half a year now, without any success.
I've been phoning Marie about once a month, which is expensive.
So then I tried writing snail mail, & that takes forever, very
unsatisfactory! I thought that, if it's ok with you, you could
relay messages, probably by printing them out & mailing them
on. She's interesting to talk to, but very often doesn't answer
her phone, & lets the answering machine record a message
instead. I'd rather tell you details about her when I have your
address again, to protect her privacy, which she values. I'd be
only too happy to reimburse you for any expenses you'll incur.
It'll still be lots less than phone calls from here.

Are you a student, do you work, or are you a homemaker? I
gather that you're into female spirituality, a subject I'm
keenly interested in, but don't know enough about. I took down
the names of the 2 books you mentioned, & expect to borrow them
from the Library. I've taken a course called "History of
American Women", a real eye opener. For 1 thing I learned that
very often when I couldn't understand why my parents did such
stupid things, my parents were just following the norms of the
culture of their times. I took the course at the neighboring
Onondaga Community College, where retirees are allowed to audit
courses without paying a fee. I took 1 Art course, & for the
rest, tried to catch up on subject matter which wasn't as yet
being taught when I went to school. I have a few books dealing
with women's matters, & in my files there's an unfinished short
story whose heroine in a nurse practitioner whose project is
called Outreach Isis. One women's thing I haven't found a
satisfactory answer for is the fact that we are said by some to
be more in tune with the earth.... It makes sense that our
center of creation is the womb, but there isn't enough
literature on whether all this means we should meditate
differently than do men. I was taught to meditate to
Beethoven's music, & at 1 point went looking for some women
composers to use for this purpose. Impossible. They were afraid
to best their husbands. They also thought of themselves as
angels made of lace & whipped cream, & the music I found sounds
just like that ... frilly with not much depth. Fannie
Mendelssohn I thought was about as good as any. It was a

I'm new to Tarot. A discussion on theos-l about it, 2 months
ago, sparked an interest. I purchased a deck of gypsy tarot
cards at our local esoteric store, "The 7 Rays", but found the
2d purchase
"Jungian Tarot" more to my liking. I'm trying to learn the
cards little by little.

To conclude, I live in Syracuse, NY. It's a university town
about 4 hours by car NW of New York City, & 1 hour away from
the Canadian border. I live in a Senior Citizen apartment
complex. When I was working I was a supervisor in a State
office which tried to find employment for people. My husband
died many years ago. One of my sons is a veterinarian, & the
other is a diplomat. I have twin grandchildren who're almost
15. They were born in Johannesburg, RSA, where their father was
working at the time.

Looking forward to hearing from you again


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