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Question 001

Sep 16, 1995 09:09 AM
by Mikhail Moiseikin

I am Roerich's follower and read a lot remarks of
Helene Roerich about Helene Blavatsky.
This two resourses have different Energetics and form but
I couldn't found any contradiction between.

Could somebody of present US teosophysts tell me who
continue development theosofy after Blavatsky till
our days (my be main direction) or H.B. got
full portion of God's wisdom for our century?

Does somebody in modern America read books of Roerich family
and knows about their Culture Pact or Roerich museum in N.Y.?
Because I could found only old bibliografy (through Internet)
in US Congress library but no one modern book -> my be about
theosofy situation we have the similiar situation ?

Regards from Kiev


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