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Re: A. Bailey & World Government

Sep 14, 1995 05:34 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>AAB writes specifically that humanity is not ready for a world government in
>the way that we have exoteric governments today as it cannot yet produce
>sufficient unselfish people who would be able to do such.

There are different purposes to a government. One is to make laws. The
Masters certainly have their own code of conduct, their own rules. But
these rules don't need the fine detail, because the Masters have a
highly-developed ethical conscousness, where they are able to directly
perceive what is right in a situation.

Another is to initiate projects for the public good, like to collect taxes
and use that money to build roads, libraries, schools, etc. They are
certainly using their resources in a multitude of projects for the
betterment of humanity.

I don't think, though, that they have any interest in governing us,
since we're at an entirely different phase in our development, and
need different social orders than would be appropriate among them.

There's also the basic question: What do the Masters do with their time?
Some effort is made in keeping the human lifewave from getting derailed
in its evolution, in protecting us from disaster. More effort is made
to nurture our spiritual inclinations, and to foster the spiritual
awakening of as many of us as can be ripened early in the season.

A third area of work which we've been told about is that they maintain
the equalivant of a spiritual university, where they study and preserve
the wisdom of mankind. This wisdom is learned and passed on from
generation to generation *as a living tradition*, something that is
taught and trained, rather than something that is simply read, since
it cannot be put down in written words.

I suspect that there's a fourth area of activity, although I don't
recall seeing it written about in our source literature. This is one
of "highly-advanced creativity." That is, they too can be artists,
poets, philosophers, musicians -- anything at all that is creative!
And with heightened faculties and ability to express the deeply
divine, most may feel compelled to do their best to give the fullest
expression to it. Why don't we see it? They are not doing it for
public presentations to humanity, since we would be unable to
comprehend much of it. It's just that they feel the same hunger as
any of us, a hunger to give deeper, fuller, richer expression to
the inexpressible.

-- Eldon

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