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Where the rubber meets the road.

Sep 14, 1995 06:40 PM
by dhedrick

>>The heat I was speaking of was Fire from heaven. Nothing like
>>70lbs Hail of fire raining on your party.
>The only fire that comes from heaven is that which warms
>the heart in compassion for others.

If God or Truth is just, there must be a penalty for the unjust. You
declare that judgement is revealed through Karma. I declare
that judgement is God's alone.

Many of you have a very STATUS QUO opinion about the Old
Testament. You think the God of the OT is a mean and brutel

Just so you are not without excuse...

The OT declares That MERCY has victory over judgement. And
for those biblical scholars on this list who have selective memory,
let me remind you of Ninivah. The compassion of the Lord is
very definately revealed. If there is no penalty for the wicked
then unrighteousness will reign.

The biggest problem with teens today is that they do not respect,
they do not fear, they do not trust the LAW.

Go about your spooky spiritual beliefs then go and attempt to
minister to those that live on the street.

When a broken man (and contrary to Eldon's declaration of man
not being broken) comes to you and reaches for guidance and
love...what are you going to give. Jesus made it very simple,
cloth, feed and then present the Gospel.

I have had the oportunity to minister to the youth of this day,
and they are an unruley, unwanted, hopeless generation.

Where will there help come from? Its a karmatic condition.
They deserve to be cocaine babies...they earned it. They
deserve having to be kids who take care of kids, who take care
of there parents, who take care of themselves. I guess in a
past life they must not have cared.

Wake up! The sea of humanity does not share these grand
illusions of the spiritual. I'll bet 99% of those that follow
theosophy are well educated, well nourished, and far above
the poverty line.

Ok maybe you go to the soup kitchen now and then, but what
words can you pass to the less fortunate that will save them?

What do you say to a young man that carries a firearm, a 100
dollar bill, a 40bag of cocaine and no boundaries. Lawlessness
rules his heart. This young man believes that his life expectancy
is around 20yrs. And killing you for the cloak you wear would
not even cause a memory in him a week later unless the cloak
you wore had an unfound tear.

Would you even place yourself within earshot of him. Westcoast?
(What does west coast mean? Clue:It is not a place)

The Gospel of Mark: Those that save their own life will lose it,
but those that lose there life for Jesus Christ will gain it.

The same God of the OT, that declared the Law to Moses is the
same God that loved the World so much that He gave His ONLY
Son, that to whoever would believe in Him would not perish
but have everlasting life.

I have 4 kids. I would not allow anyone of my children to be
a sacrifice for you. Yet that is exactly what God did. Yea
right...God is incompassionate. If I could only be half as

>We may question your mental-image of the spiritual, where you
>call it "God" and give it your own description. It is the same
>divine life to be found in the hearts of all beings. We see and
>recognize it everywhere. You refuse to look on the face of "God"
>except when it appears behind a mask of your own choice. I'd
>suggest that your approach is the one in defiance of the divine,
>refusing to honor it when it appears before you in life.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. I know that
God is not mocked. I know that for whatever a man sows he
will also reap. What comes around goes around.

>The above is not intended to be in any way disrespectful of
>your own deeply-felt religious experiences, but only to comment
>on the words you use to describe things, words that act as blinders
>keeping you unaware of the universality of the spiritual. If you
>take literally those words and worship them instead of the living
>presence of the divine itself, you have made for yourself graven
>images and are doing worship to them!
>-- Eldon

No disrepect taken.

God is Spirit...and those that worship HIM, must worship HIM in
spirit and TRUTH.

Street Walker & Talker for Jesus.

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