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K.H. = E.O.

Sep 14, 1995 03:21 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In ~The Story of the Mahatma Letters~ published from Adyar in
1946 by the then President, C. Jinarajadasa, he identifies the
Master K.H. as the commentator found in other similar letters
and writings by the initials E.O. as being one and the same

He particularly states:

"A little known contribution by Mahatma K.H. appears in a work
published in 1883 ..." (referring to a then unpublished work of
the French Occultist Eliphas Levi, called in part, ~The
Paradoxes of the Highest Science.~)

Jinarajada goes on:

"The French manuscript was translated by Mr. A.O.Hume ...
intended presumably to be published in ~The Theosophist~ (though
not published in it), has as comments footnotes signed "E.O."
(for "Eminent Occultist")...

"At my suggestion the Theosophical Publishing Society reprinted
~The Paradoxes of the Highest Science~ for the sake of the
footnotes of Mahatma K.H., and especially for the last footnote,
with the message which it gives to the Theosophical Society
concerning a work for mankind *which only Theosophists can do.*
I have placed a line at the margin of that part of the letter
to which I desire to draw the attention of all members of the
Theosophical Society ..."

I reproduce below the section of the footnote by K.H./E.O. to
which Jinaradasa refers:

"... But the authors of the Perfect Way [Anna Kingsford and
Edward Maitland - A.B.] are right: woman must not be looked upon
as only an appanage [sic] of man, since she was not made for his
benefit or pleasure any more than he for hers; but the two must
be realized as equal powers though unlike individualities.

"Until the age of 7 the skeletons of girls do not differ in any
way from those of boys, and the osteologist would be puzzled to
discriminate them. Woman's mission is to become the mother of
future occultists - of those who will be born without sin. On
the elevation of the woman the world's redemption and salvation
hinge. And not till woman bursts the bonds of her sexual
slavery, to which she has ever been subjugated, will the world
gain an inkling of what she really is and of her proper place in
the economy of nature. Old India, the India of the Rishis, made
the first sounding with her plummet line in this ocean of Truth,
but the post Mahabaratean India, with all her profundity of
learning, has neglected and forgotten it.

"The light that will come to it and the world at large. when the
latter shall discover and really appreciate the truths that
underlie this vast problem of sex, will be "like the light that
never shone on sea or land," and has to come to men through the
Theosophical Society. That light will lead on and up to the
*true spiritual intuition.* Then the world will have a race of
Buddhas and Christs, for the world will have discovered that
individuals *have it in their own powers* to proctreate
Buddha-like children or- demons. When that knowledge comes, all
dogmatic religions and with these the demons, will die out. - E.O."

I guess this really belongs on theos-roots, or *also* there.
Maybe JM could put it in the archive?


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