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Re: Globes!?!?!

Sep 14, 1995 10:23 AM

I'm also confused about globes. What I read, long time ago, I
think is more like Rich's, but it never made too much sense to
me. Anyway, this AM, I was going through some pamphlets Harry
wrote up for his "Temple of Noetic Science", and I wonder
whether he's talking about the same thing from a different

"... the principles underlying human nature.... are the basis
for our field theory, which states that the body is really part
of a field (the elctro-somatic field), 3 dimensional in nature,
which in turn, is integrallly a part of a 4-dimensional field (
the electro-psychic field), which constitutes our personality,
and because of this interrelatedness, our theory is relevant to
all the problems of mankind .... If we identify ourselves as
being our personalities and bodies, then we are them, & we
suffer accordingly. All suffering is based on such
identification. However, if we realize that our personalities
and bodies are merely manifestations for the purpose of gaining
knowledge through experience, then we have a better chance of
understanding our problems. It is therefore essential that we
see, that experience in the world of manifestation is the means
by which we gain knowledge....
"In our theory, Man or Woman as Being consists of a
5-dimensional field of Cognition, which can be regarded as
being composed of a series of archtypes,which have to be
developed in order for the being to function in manifestation.
This archetypal cognitive field is a manifestation of another
field, 6-dimensional in nature - Plato's Nous, in Indian
philosophy, Buddhi- which is the synthesis of all being. We can
become aware of this field, and function in it, by developing
our archetypal field to its fullest extent."

Is Harry's fields what you're talking about when you talk

"... Our electro-somaitic field ... is divided into several
subfields which the Chinese identify as acupuncture meridians,
&this knowledge can be used to balance out the fields, so as to
create peace & harmony...."

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