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Re: The END

Sep 14, 1995 10:52 AM


Who's throwing the Bible away. It's 1 of the sacred books of
the world. All we are saying is that there's more than 1 way to
interpret what it says in the Bible. Each one can interpret it
to suit their own thinking, but who knows which way is really

I'd like you to explain Matthew 24:5 to me ... your way ... if
you would, please.

Daniel, you talk about having the gift of healing in the name
of your Lord. I think you're blessed to be able to use this, as
you do, for the good of other people. Healing is something we
Theosophists try to do as well, so we have finally something in

Daniel, I wish you could have a more optimistic view of the
future. I wish you could see that there's not only evil in the
world, but also lots of good. We theosophists are an optimistic
lot. We believe that everyone is born with a conscience & is
evolving very slowly & painfully towards Spirit, which contains
the Good, the True & the Beautiful ... also peace, and brother
loving brother
(& sister). We think that thousands upon thousands of years
from now we'll all be like that. We're also a very hugging
bunch. The first day of one of our conventions people are
hugging old friends all over the place.

so a big hug to you,


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