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Re: Welcome Tracey

Sep 14, 1995 04:22 AM
by Tracey Benson

> Welcome to Theos-l. I am really glad that we are attracting the diversity
> of people that are coming around here lately. I am especially interested in
> you views on mythology as it related to the women's issues material. I
> finished reading Drawing Down the Moon - an early history of the Neo-pagan
> movement. While I am not engaged in pagan spiritituality per se, my heart
> is with much that is included there. Adler's father is a bit hit on my list
> of ex-mentors and I was surprized to see Margot move from her fathers
> rationalism into a more spiritual mode. Anyway I look forward to your
> input. I don't suppose you are interested in the Motherpeace Tarot since
> you mentioned Nobel and Vogel:)
> Arthur Paul Patterson

Dear Arthur,

Yes, my friends and I use the Motherpeace Tarot and respond to the beauty
of the images, and the considered and sensitive writings about each of
the cards. The mythological sources are quite comprehensive and
empowering, especially the detailed explanations of the Major Arcana.The
circle form of the cards allows for a slippage from a binary opposition,
I especially enjoy this aspect of the Motherpeace cards. I also liked
Noble's book "Shakti Woman", how she applies her knowledge of myth to
life situations, using this knowledge to reevaluate gender roles and
encourage a higher awareness of self.

These cards and books were really my introduction to occult ideologies
(besides an interest in astrology), for a long time I found it hard to
let go of my Anglican upbringing and my fear of "joining the devil", by
my interest in alternative philosophies. How Vogle and Noble reclaim the
crone for example, by rightfully giving her the role of healer and wise
woman instead of evil old witch certainly is more positive, as this
represented a dissolving of the fears that were a part of my identity as
being "brought up in a strict Anglican enviroment".

On a more negative note, I can't help finding some of their writing too
grounded in the body, I do think that women do need to reclaim their
bodies but not at the expense of choice; their position in regard to issues
pertaining to contraception and childbirth are not suitable for every
woman. I have problems with the limitations of a mother earth/father sky
philosophy, I like the gaps better :-).

As for Adler, Drawing Down the Moon is a fantastic source book,
particularly the index at the back, very comprehensive, it is used at the
University of Queensland, in an Arts Faculty subject titled "Witches, Pagans
and the New Age" as one of the required texts, this course has had an
overwelming popularity, though it is a shame that the majority of
academics at U.Q still find reasearch into these areas largly invalid.

Thankyou for your interest, what do you think about Vogle and Noble?


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