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Sep 14, 1995 00:59 AM
by Richtay

Jerry S:

> I do not believe that we
> have a Globe D ego, and a Globe E ego, and so on. I see
> this as an unncessary complication. I see Globe E on
> the astral plane as already including my astral body,
> and Globe F on the mental plane as containing my mental
> body, and so on.
Wow. I had no idea that's what you were putting forth. I have NEVER heard
this approach before, and I am startled. Is this something you have
developed entirely on your own, or something you read in Theosophical
teachings somewhere? If it's in the teachings I would be very interested in
looking at it myself.

In the meantime, my understanding of the globes is that they are NOT planes,
but rather the 4 lower principles of the Earth, corresponding to our own four
lower principles. The three higher "globes" are "formless" like our own
three higher principles, and so they are not represented as "globes" (because
globes have form and embodiment.)

Globes besides globe D are entirely different grades of matter, and would
certainly require different physical bodies and almost certainly different
astral bodies, different prana and a different lower manas. Whether our
three higher principles would remain mostly intact it an interesting
theoretical issue, but since humanity (OUR humanity, at least) has millions
of years before we are done on GLobe D and move on to Globe E for new and
different experiences, I see it as purely theoretical for the moment.

What I think is startling is to equate globe E with the astral plane and the
astral body. This is nowhere in the teachings, they are very distinct ideas
and concepts. If HPB wanted to indicate that Globe E was simply the astral
plane, she would have said so.

So a question for you Jerry: if Globe E is simply the astral plane, what
might be Globe C?


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