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Welcome Tracey

Sep 12, 1995 07:46 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

Tracey Wrote
>Well I hope that you can extend that welcome to me also. My name is
>Tracey and I'm interested in the influence that the TS had on various
>stains of
>Australian Art during the inter war period, particularly via the medium
>of radio. I am enjoying some of the the stimulating and energetic
>discussions going on. I am relatively familar with some writer's
>connected with women's spirituality; Starhawk, Vicky Noble and Karen
>Vogle, Margot Adler,Pinkola Estes. I am, though, very unfamilar with HPB,
>but have found a copy of TSD and hopefully in the future be able to make
>a contribution, be it minor, to this lively group.

Welcome to Theos-l. I am really glad that we are attracting the diversity
of people that are coming around here lately. I am especially interested in
you views on mythology as it related to the women's issues material. I
finished reading Drawing Down the Moon - an early history of the Neo-pagan
movement. While I am not engaged in pagan spiritituality per se, my heart
is with much that is included there. Adler's father is a bit hit on my list
of ex-mentors and I was surprized to see Margot move from her fathers
rationalism into a more spiritual mode. Anyway I look forward to your
input. I don't suppose you are interested in the Motherpeace Tarot since
you mentioned Nobel and Vogel:)

Arthur Paul Patterson

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