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re: group project proposed

Sep 12, 1995 07:59 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

At 12:54 AM 9/13/95, Jerry Hejka-Ekins wrote:
>Art Patterson,
> Your suggestion of writings responses and discussion
>questions to books and articles germane to theosophy sounds
>inviting and I think would be a growing experience for us all.
> One the one hand, I'm very tight for time and spend more
>than I should on theos-xx already. On the other hand, you are
>one person I can't say no to. As a compromise, let's try to stay
>with books I already have read, and short articles. For long
>articles and other books, I would hope that you might exercise
>patience while I try to get through them. Deal?

I imagine that alot of people on this list feel the same but I am sure that
there is a lot that has aready been read even written on in the past and
could be very helpful to what we are doing here. Pressure is not a good
thing but focus might help help us a bit.

I was thinking that the book article responses don't have to be directly
theosophical but that the interaction around them could be. For instance I
was reading Jerry S material on manvantaric evolution and saw much in
common with that and the work I completed only yesterday on Emerson and
Circles. So submiting our interests for theosophical input might be a grand
idea way to learn with out having to be an adept theosopher for some.

I am a terrible organizer when it comes to details but could I suggest that
maybe we could have one of these responses a week starting on Monday where
one of us offers up what they have written (for sacrifice :) and then we
allow for feedback until the next Monday.

Just in order for us to get started maybe Jerry E. would like to offer a
topic (for next Monday or sooner), like I said it could be something
already done or just a quick informal comment, then we could respond. I
imagine it would be best if the topic we wrote on was something that we
wanted a theosophical sort on from others in the group. I am not an
academic and would really perfer it to be very informal sort of stuff. Any
other comments? of suggestions?

Hope it flies.

Arthur Paul Patterson

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