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Group Project Proposed

Sep 11, 1995 07:43 PM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

Jerry E.

Once again you are an excellent resource in my study of Theosophy!

I was wondering if we could experiment with book or article reviews (or
more specificly book-article reactions) - informal and I would hope
somewhat applicable to some books of theosophy. What I envision would be
for us to select a book to read say in the next four weeks and then write a
response to it along with discussion questions for the group. I know that
this could be very vulnerable especially for those who know very little
Theosophy like me?:) but I feel that others could enhance our perspectives.
I am particularly interested in how reading material intersects personally
with the reader. I know that our schedules may not permit this sort of
exchange but it is an idea to keep us moving. A person could then focus in
on their personal areas of interests.

Some of the reveiws could be responses to source documents and other others
might want to interact with artilcles in theosophical journals. Whatever.
It is a suggestion. Should we proceed? No offence taken if it doesn't fit:)

Arthur Paul Patterson

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