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Re: One last bone...(of contention?)

Sep 11, 1995 06:10 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Is there science in history? Is Jesus a historical figure that was thought
>of as more than a man? Did He calim to be God? Did others claim that
>He was God?

The claims for/against Jesus vary with religion and philosophy. Theosophy
would consider him an Avatara or a culture-specific spiritual reformer.

>The salvation
>I speak of is eternal. Not from one incarnation to another.

I would consider there being nothing to be "saved" from. Rather, we are
in life as "artists," we are here to give creative expression to the
spiritual through our lives. We go on from one experience and life to the
next, as eternal beings, with never an end to things.

>Yet His own claims extend far beyond any of the other masters.

Not that I've seen. Various spiritual teachers will sometimes, for purposes
of illustrating a philosophical point, attribute to themselves universal
qualities. One may say "I am Love" or "I am Truth". This is intended to
show people that the universal qualities are behind life, and can be
directly realized *by any of us*.

>As any learned Christian, we are to respect the Nation of Israel. After
>the Lord's second coming there will be the reaping of the 144,000 jews
>who will be martyred and be great witnesses during the great tribulation.

These ideas sound like a carry-over from tribal Jewish times. The "Lord"
or an Avatara comes from time to time to renew the spiritual impulse in
society. There is no "first" or "second coming". Rather we have had "comings"
throughout time into the past, and for eternity into the future.

>Beware the Mark of the Beast & When you see the Temple being built
>in Jerusalem...remember that the prophecies are continuing to be fulfilled.

We'd disagree with these "prophecies".

>Time is short. 40 months? 40 years?

More like billions of years.

-- Eldon

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