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Re: One last bone...(of contention?)

Sep 12, 1995 00:13 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Daniel: Is there science in history? Is Jesus a historical figure that was
>of as more than a man? Did He calim to be God? Did others claim that
>He was God?
>>Brenda: I think I have been saved.
>Saved from what? Your own innate foolishness. And now you have
>a desire to treat others as you would be treated...etc? The salvation
>I speak of is eternal. Not from one incarnation to another.

I just am trying to say that I like the idea. I perhaps am not aware of the
"fullness of the idea," but I did attent Baptist church services in Chicago
and people could go up to the front of the church and give personal stories
about their lives and how Jesus had made a difference to them. They used to
say they were saved to.

>> Jesus is an inspiration and
>>an example of wisdom and compassion.
>Yet His own claims extend far beyond any of the other masters.

How do you know? I remember reading about the possibility that one of the
masters was actually working through Jesus. That Jesus was a fourth initiate
and that the master who occupies the office within the hierarchy of the
Christ was working through Jesus to carry out the historical activities, but
more importantly to bring about a new religion for humanity. The same
office of the Christ is supposed to be responsible for the founding and
operation of "most" religious activity on earth, past and future.

>>Right now I still working on
>>the preparation of a description of holidays in other religions.
>I challenge you to find some reading examples of the Messiah in
>the Passover Seder.

I don't know where to find the Passover Seder. I thought the Seder was the
food that decorated the table and tells a story of the historical event.
I've taken my books back to the library already.

>> I am
>>particularly interested in the Jewish holidays because in my 40 years of
>>living, I was never really exposed to what it is their holidays are about.
>>I profess ignorance of a great tradition in today's world and wish to learn
>>more. I don't know how many people are also interested in these holidays,
>>but I imagine they will at least try to look at what I have to say
>>How do you feel about our Jewish population?
>As any learned Christian, we are to respect the Nation of Israel. After
>the Lord's second coming there will be the reaping of the 144,000 jews
>who will be martyred and be great witnesses during the great tribulation.
>Beware the Mark of the Beast & When you see the Temple being built
>in Jerusalem...remember that the prophecies are continuing to be fulfilled.
>Time is short. 40 months? 40 years?


Thank you for speaking to me personally about these things. I really feel
honored that you shared your story and that you attempted to discourse with me.


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