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Re: One last bone...(of contention?)

Sep 12, 1995 09:22 PM
by dhedrick

>I just am trying to say that I like the idea. I perhaps am not aware of the
>"fullness of the idea," but I did attent Baptist church services in Chicago
>and people could go up to the front of the church and give personal stories
>about their lives and how Jesus had made a difference to them. They used to
>say they were saved to.

Baptists are well lnown for teaching the Gospel message of Salvation.
>>Yet His own claims extend far beyond any of the other masters.
>How do you know?

Because those that knew Him, wrote about HIm. And those writings are
well recorded and preserved. Take a look at John 8:48-59. Did Jesus
make any claims of Divinity? The resuly of His claims is very apparent in
vs 59.
John 1:
Col 1:
Eph 1:
Heb 1:

All very strongly indicate that Jesus was more than a man, more than a master,
but THE KURIOUS, THE MASTER and CREATOR of the universe. NOT a part
of the universe but Creator.

The Theosophical approach is that Jesus drew nearer to the Truth than others
and was able to say that He embodied TRUTH, or became TRUTH, or presented
TRUTH...but these are not biblical teachings. Jesus said He was the Truth,
and that
the only way to the FATHER was by Him.

What does theosophy have to say about Paternalistic Anthropomorphism? Is it
spiritual discernment by the traditional students of that time and period as
Eldon and
others espouse?

Why is it that 99% of all recorded societies are Paternal?

> I remember reading about the possibility that one of the
>masters was actually working through Jesus.

This is an inaccurate statement about the GOD man Jesus Christ.
There is a difference between the pre-incarnate Christ and the
incarante Christ and also the resurrected Christ, yet He remains
Christ. Not a christ. But singular Christ. The term Christ means
annointed ONE.

>That Jesus was a fourth initiate
>and that the master who occupies the office within the hierarchy of the
>Christ was working through Jesus to carry out the historical activities, but
>more importantly to bring about a new religion for humanity.

He did not come to create a new religion. He came to fulfill the Law of
Moses and the religion of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I have a great write up on the Law if you would like to read it.
>I don't know where to find the Passover Seder. I thought the Seder was the
>food that decorated the table and tells a story of the historical event.
>I've taken my books back to the library already.
I will send the seder info in another message.

>Thank you for speaking to me personally about these things. I really feel
>honored that you shared your story and that you attempted to discourse with me.
Brenda, thanks for taking the time to read posts from a Seven yr old


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