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Re: theosophy class

Sep 05, 1995 06:12 PM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

>MS>As a theosophical study course organizer, I'd be interested to
>>see your program for the 26 weeks. Would you be able to post it?
> We are very excited about the course because we are
> attracting a type of people who never would have looked at
> theosophy as it is presented today. ......
> It is working so well, that we are planning to package and
> publish it, so we don't want to broadcast to much about it until
> we are ready to publish. ......
> So along with the course, we will also have to publish a
> training and teaching manual. But students get so excited over

Great! The moment you have something published, could you let us
know about it?


Murray Stentiford

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