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to Liesel on Group Souls

Sep 04, 1995 12:34 PM
by Jerry Schueler

Liesel:<For the sake of clarity someone ought to define group
soul. The concept is that the lower animals have a group soul
together. As they become more & more evolved, less individuals
share 1 group soul. When you get to human beings, individuation
has taken place & each human being has an individual soul.>

Liesel, in my last posting (which was long and you may have
missed it), I quoted the definition given by G de Purucker.
He says that your definition is inaccurate. I personally
agree with G de P. Living with a cattery of Forest Cats
every day, I can see individual "souls" in their eyes with
no problem at all. To say that they have no individual
souls is strickly in line with Christianity, which I also
disagree with.
Also, I take exception to your "lower animals" as being
very prejudist. The main thing that they are "lower" in
is technology or what we would call intelligence. But
everything else is pretty much there.

 Jerry S.

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