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theosophy class

Sep 04, 1995 10:43 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Murray Stentiford:

MS>As a theosophical study course organizer, I'd be interested to
>see your program for the 26 weeks. Would you be able to post it?
>What sort of group processes do you use in this prelim. course?
>Murray Stentiford

 We are very excited about the course because we are
attracting a type of people who never would have looked at
theosophy as it is presented today. But I don't want to say too
much about content of our course for two reasons: 1. this is only
our second time through and we are still making modifications,
and 2. It is working so well, that we are planning to package and
publish it, so we don't want to broadcast to much about it until
we are ready to publish.
 As for the group process--that I can talk about. We use a
"discovery method." Participants come to the group having
already read the material. They discuss it from their own
experiences and insights. I serve as moderator (traffic
director), but I also have a batch of questions worked out in

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