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Yogananda's book

Sep 04, 1995 08:19 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>This is also true of Yogananda's book. There was editing done
>on it by the Self-Realization Fellowship, after he died, to make
>it fit their ideas. Old originals of Biography of a Yoga are
>highly prized.
Jerry:> I've heard of this. Do you know at which point (which
>editions) they began to make changes?

No, I've only heard this through friends that managed to pick up an early used
book in New York. I could ask them, but they might be hard to get a hold of
right now.

One of the big changes that was made was that Yogananda wrote that one had to be
initiated by any authentic Kriyaban or Kriya swami. The SRI changed it to read
that one must be initiated by a Kriyaban from the SRI.

- ann

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