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re:re: eldon and paul

Sep 04, 1995 07:10 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I don't think that was our intend in what we wrote. I've said a number of times
>that there is no attempt to claim that the theosophical approach is an
>one to the spritual Path.

That's music to my ears! I may have been mistaken, but I seemed to sense a lot
emotionality in Paul's and your post. I would hate to see this list go into a
stage of bickering and acts of throwing intellectual tomatoes at other

We've had some wonderful conversations on theos-l from which I have learned a
great deal. The posts on chaos have prompted to go to a lecture by Nathan Greer
this week at Olcott. I've been introduced to such topics as the Secret
Doctrine, the Kabbalah, astrology, the naughty CWL. etc. I'd like to hear more
of this. How about posts from the works Purucker? I never heard of him till I
came here.
 - ann

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