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Re: Group souls or Individuality

Sep 04, 1995 06:55 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I agree with "that the approach should be one of presenting the
>best we have to offer, ratherthan ... blasting the author &
>writing we disagree with." But I would suggest that we have a
>panel of all factions sit down together to determine which
>writings are the best we have to offer.

We could do that, but it may still be necessary to group books
by subject matter, and not attempt to say that all our books are
talking the same thing. Although we may all recommend books like
"The Secret Doctrine," there are differences of view regarding
what later books should be offered to new students. This would
imply that there could be a "source writings" category that we
all would agree on, along with our own favorite variant categories.
People in accord with a particular branch of theosophical writings
could pick the best books for their category, and leave the
selection for "rival" categories to students in those respective
areas. Then we don't have to do battle over particular books being
proper or not, except in the sense of them being assigned to the
appropriate category.

-- Eldon

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