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Re: Angels

Sep 04, 1995 06:18 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>I never thought of myself as a well-trained horse in the process.There are
>two aspects to it, the horse part consists of somehow standing my
>consciousness to one side and allowing some energy that terms itself the
>'elder brother' express its ideas. It is like live chat shows, if I do not
>want to pass on any idea to be expressed that I may not agree with I have
>the option of saying no and the energy will rephrase it or leave it out. I
>feel perhaps I should not impose my meagre judgement so it is only rarely
>that I do so but the idea is that I can do so if I wish. I also allow what
>would be considered an extraterrestial energy to have a say and that one is
>also informative and quite humourous as well.

This is perhaps a different form of channelling than I've heard of before.
With you "watching" and having the option to censor what is said, there's
some degree of control over the process. Are you sure that this being is
external to you, and not a complex in your own psyche that perhaps has
access to psychical senses that you are otherwise unconscious of?

(The analogy of a horse is useful, but limited, and should not be carried
too far. In your case, the analogy of a talk-show commentator is much better.)

>Then also this has developed
>the ability to 'know' something in my mind that I may have been meditating
>on. It just arrives in bulk and yet it is understood completely all at once.
>I joined up with Spiritual Healing many years ago and the concept of energy
>existing of various sorts took hold so I have the idea of opening a tube of
>sorts that allows whichever energy I request to flow. Therefore Channelling
>did not seem a strange thing to do.

The distinction that I would come back to is that with channelling it's
someone (or something) else speaking through you. That is different than
enhancing your own ability to know things directly, and speaking from your
own enhanced understanding.

>I also think of this tube as access to
>my higher self and the knowledge that it has. I can tell the difference in
>the energy of either my higher self or the other beings? that come in.

Again, there's the sense of communicating with someone or something else
outside. In one sense, the Higher Self is not a separate being that talks
to us, but rather that it is us, when we function on an higher plane of
existence. In another sense, it is what we will become, when we've raised
our human selves to the consciousness appropriate to its plane. With
either way of looking at we, we've still got the task before us of taking
on its higher qualities, of making those qualities a part of ourselves.
This is different that entering into communication with it, different
than treating it as a different being than ourselves.

>I do
>not pursue the physical chanelling so much, I enjoy the inner knowledge that
>comes to answer important questions and the 'elder brother' has been known
>to wake me up at night to discuss some action I am thinking of that is not
>the right way to go about it. As President of our little Lodge I was getting
>annoyed with something and the advise he gave me was sound and he gave me a
>little chat on not using emotional blackmail to control the outcome of
>decisions we were trying to make. We are selling the lodge building we have
>been in since 1926 so that was a lot of attachment to it. It is no longer
>suitable as it is getting old and we have a better place that became
>available. I listened to the advise and let things take whatever course they
>would. I have left the 'who' of channelling in the yet to be decided basket
>and as long as it proves useful I shall use it but if it all gets silly then
>I can put it down to an interesting experience.

-- Eldon

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