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Re: Angels

Sep 03, 1995 07:55 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>This subject is very interesting to me personally as I just fell into
>channelling and I still haven't decided what I am channelling or if I am
>deluding myself. The 'energy' has said some helpfull and interesting things
>over the last couple of years but I still not convinced.

The distinction might relate to what you are actually doing while
"channelling". Are you letting yourself be a vehicle for some other being,
like a well-trained and useful horse, or are you developing yourself to be
a wider, more-expressive channel for your own creativity? When new ideas
come, are they coming as something else speaking through you, or are they
ideas that arise, are considered, and used or not, all coming through your
mind, which is in the controlling position? The primary focus, I'd suggest,
is for each of us to refine our ability to ourselves express more beauty,
truth, intelligence, love, art, music, literature, etc., in the world. We
are training ourselves to be greater forces in the world for the spiritual.

-- Eldon

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