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Re: old post re:Viking

Sep 02, 1995 08:48 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> [writing to JHE]
>Would you agree that ordinarily people are selfish unless they fight very
>hard against it? Someone reading CWL is most likely trying to want to know
>what's wrong with being selfish. They're also probably interested in
>self-improvement and what "paths" are open to them as concerns spiritual
>development. CWL does a great job of taking us out of the "bonds of self."
>I don't know of a single other "acceptable" writer within public education
>who could interest us in "other worldly" material to the degree that he so
>casually describes his activities in search of a more meaningful world and
>more compassionate living.

An entire collection of beliefs about life, which together comprise an
understanding of how things are, could be called a "worldview". Leadbeater
had his own unique worldview, and it does appeal to some people. It did to
me at one time. A point-by-point comparison of that worldview to one
based upon the source writings of Theosophy shows many differences. If we
want Leadbeater's books to be considered presentations of Theosophy, we'd
need to remove glaring contradictions. If we want to let the books stand
as they were, we can more clearly appreaciate how Leadbeater saw things.
It's up to the publishers to decide how they will handle his books.

>I know my words are not strictly sensible, but if there is a "sense" behind
>what I am writing it is that you and Eldon both admit being drawn to his
>writings early on in your study. I, too, began with CWL. What effect if
>any do his writings have on a "new student" to the degree that we may be
>asked to challenge, to question, to meditate, and to make self-discovery?
>Are we (as early students) to become afraid of anything we "might" discern
>because of a bold and public opinion provided by older students?

It seems that both you, Brenda, and Jerry would like to leave the books
intact, and not edit out any passages that might be considered by some as

>I love CWL because I did learn through him to love theosophy and to find a
>"home" here. Nothing I could think or attempt became too bizarre to be
>included within my "theosophical life." Early on, during the purification
>stages, strange occurrences may sometimes take place. I think it might be
>hard to beat CWL's publicly written about experiences, so why try? Whatever
>we personally might be experiencing early on in the path, we don't need to
>necessarily make claims and draw attention to it, because it should be
>viewed as something that will pass and maybe a more noble viewpoint and
>experience will come later.

The philosophy that Leadbeater taught can be considered on its own merits,
and we can discuss the various doctrines. The books do not argue either for
or against that philosophy, it needs to be considered on philosophical
terms. What the book shows is the unreliable nature of the clairvoyant
method of investigation. That unreliable nature is generally acknowledged,
so there seems to me no reason to need to edit any of his books.

Is there general agreement on 'theos-l' that Leadbeater's books should be
restored to their original, unsanitized editions, with everything put back?
(Not that we have any say over it actually getting done!)

-- Eldon

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