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Re: Psychic powers

Sep 02, 1995 10:25 AM

Dear JRC,

I've been reading your post very carefully, because I'm not
very sure of what to answer. But I do want to answer, because I
really feel sorry that you've not gotten more support from
Theosophists, & I think I have a little bit something to say
that might possibly help.

The fact that more children today are clairvoyant, or clair-
something, is probably due to that we're evolving, as you say,
but I think another factor is that the children's parents are
more likely to accept it for what it is, instead of just about
forcing the child to suppress it by their disapproval.

I don't know whether I can say anything constructive about that
you see things differently from CWL & Hodson's pictures. But I
recently wanted to paint an aura & tried using CWL's and Dora's
aura pictures as models. I found I had to choose one or the
other, because they were very different. I couldn't make a
composite aura. So it doesn't surprise me when you say that
what you see looks different again. There must be a certain
amount of subjectivity.

I don't know who the Theosophists were that you bumped into,
who told you that you were all wrong. I think the idea of not
doing anything to develop psychism is a good one, but I find it
very opinionated to give that same advice to the occasional
person who is already very psychic. I've been taught that you
fit the advice you give to the person, taking the circumstances
into consideration. And to tell a psychic person to suppress
it, well ... psychology today doesn't advise suppressing
anything, but dealing with it in other ways. I know for a fact
that both Dora Kunz, & her brother Harry Van Gelder started
training with CWL when they were about 10 or 11, and what I've
heard is that to become a very effective psychic who can really
use their talent it is necessary to begin training at an early
age. So, to me, this theosophical group you fell into is all
wet. I don't know why someone like Dora wasn't helpful to you.
Was there a personality clash? That puzzles me.

Lastly I can sympathize with you about what a burden it can be
to be different. I'm not psychic, but I have several talents
which most other people don't have, & I often just forget about
them, because people look at you cross-eyed if you're
different. So, I'm very circumspect about to whom I talk about
my extra talents. Like I know a few Italian opera arias from
having taken voice lessons when I was young. There's another
old lady in my building who used to be a singer, & the 2 of us,
from time to time enjoy belting out a few arias. Somebody else
sneered at us, because we are strange enough to like operas.



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