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re: story of deconversion

Sep 02, 1995 08:39 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> Close scrutiny and a dogged desire to find
>out "what is really going on" will take a person beyond the usual public
>facades. Probably something that most media, politicians and advertising
>agencies fear like the plague.

>I believe that is one of the ways the Masters got where they are. They peeked
>behind the curtains of Life and learned how to move the levers. Maybe you can
>only do that if you willing to give up your "glamour and illusions" and see
>things as they really are.

There's a great quote in "The Mahatma Letters", where it is mentioned that
they are ordinary men, subject to the same fallibilities as the rest of us,
except when their human element is temporarily paralyzed, and they are acting
as Mahatmas. From all practical purposes, were we to look upon them, and
perhaps were we to know them in person, we might, I'd speculate, not be able
to detect that there was *something special* behind the outer man, something
that transended the apparent human personality.

When we outstrip external evolution, we do it internally, and can, I'd
suspect, achieve faculties of insight, perception, and consciousness that
can only crudely be expressed in a Fourth Round, Globe D, Human personality.
On other Globes, or when apart from the outer personality, we'd be the whole
person that we are, but *here* we'd find outselves frustrated in our desire
to express our deepest thoughts and feelings.

The evolution that is before us, the *important* part of that evolution,
has to do with the unfolding of new *faculties of consciousness,* which is
entirely a different thing that the unfolding of sense perception on other
planes, nor with reading thoughts, seeing the astral light, nor using magic
to make things happen. Like an animal hungering to develop mind, we hunger
in a sense for those areas of consciousness that we lack. There are entirely
different ways of experiencing and understanding life that we know! And
these ways are unrelated to those of the seven principles that we are currently
familiar with, including those of physical body or form, and those of
sense perception.

-- Eldon

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