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re: story of deconversion

Sep 02, 1995 08:27 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

K. Paul:
>I used to be a Theosophical fundamentalist, but got deconverted
>once I started to investigate history . . .

Research is a great shatterer of illusion. The closer you get to something and
actually look behind it to see how it works or works on others, the more you see
something as it truly is.

In the years since 1991, when I've done research for writing fiction, I've
managed to lose my illusions about the music business, the creation of popular
music and the publishing business. Close scrutiny and a dogged desire to find
out "what is really going on" will take a person beyond the usual public
facades. Probably something that most media, politicians and advertising
agencies fear like the plague.

I believe that is one of the ways the Masters got where they are. They peeked
behind the curtains of Life and learned how to move the levers. Maybe you can
only do that if you willing to give up your "glamour and illusions" and see
things as they really are.

- ann

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