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Re: psychism

Sep 02, 1995 07:32 AM
by jrcecon

>PS the training given by CWL included a very strict ethic which
>the pupil had to learn to work by. It included developing
>certain character traits.
> Liesel

Liesel ...

I have never heard about this ... if ya have a wee bit 'o time, and the
inclination, I would very much like to hear about both the specifics as well as
the philosophical foundations of this ethic. Was it, perhaps, drawn from some
sort of eastern tradition that trained clairvoyants (and hence would have had
to think through the many possible moral dilemmas raised) ... or did CWL derive
it himself?

[A by the way ... I prob'ly rather overstated the response from my
first TS experiences ... there were some, but assuredly not all, that acted
(IMO) somewhat poorly (or rather, simply acted - I guess you could say
"theoretically" - simply spouting stuff they had probably heard early on and
then just said over and over again for years ... I just took it badly because
it was *not* theory to me, and I did not really appreciate people coming across
with firm judgements about things that they clearly did not even vaugely
understand in anything other than a purely theoretical fashion.) I also didn't
mean to imply that I had any problems with Dora (who I *do* think is gifted), I
just actually never met her until last year (at a Northwest Federation
Meeting), and found her as delightful as I expected her to be


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