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Re: Re Eldon's Direct vs Indirect

Sep 02, 1995 07:33 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>Are you saying here that the Masters (KH?) physically
>came to him at Point Loma and taught him what to say?

I'm not really sure. I've seen some archival materials with
notes about his experiences, but my recollection of them
has faded a bit. Was his knowledge obtained through the reading
and study of materials in the astral light? Did he have
telepathic contact with the Masters? Did Purucker remember materials
from a previous lifetime? Did he exist as another person, in another
body, while asleep as Purucker? Did his knowledge arise from being
in much more close, more powerful contact with the "thought currents"
behind Theosophy? We might speculate, but I'm not sure I'll every
know how *he* particularly received his training.

When the Lodge sends out a Messanger, how is that Messanger
trained? I've seen no article or materials that discuss this
topic in depth. How do you think that he learned what he taught?

>This is certainly implied in your "directly" while I
>am at a loss to explain your "indirectly." Just how does
>one get special secret knowledge from Mahatmas "indirectly"
>except via what today we would call channeling? Would
>you please explain how this is "entirely different" from
>psychism? It would seem to me that any new idea G de P,
>or anyone else, has given out was done so via their
>"personal psychic and clairvoyant experiences." Except
>for physical contact or physical letters, it simply has
>to be through psychism. Even if the Mahatmas approached me
>in their subtle body, I would need to be a bit clairvoyant
>to see them and hear them.

Many of the possible ways that I've just mentioned for Purucker
to have obtained his knowledge might be classified as "psychism".
Some would not. If the Lodge sends out a Messenger, with a specific
mission to present some of the Teachings to the general public,
I'd assume that they would insure that their representative was
properly trained. Of what does that training consist? I'm not
sure that they'd care to tell us.

-- Eldon

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