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life stories

Sep 02, 1995 01:39 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

I'd like to thank both Arthur and Jerry for their stories regarding events
in their lives. We're really glad that you are both able to be here sharing
with other theosophists. It's a good thing we do trust our instincts or
visions or companions or whatever it is that has been influencing our
rational minds.

It's just such an event as "being free to study" and being so happy about
the results, because we were able to make the progress we set out to make.
If we are able to accomplish our goals then we feel that we must have been
receiving help along the way, and that's what CWL was to me. I'm much better
off today than I was when I began with the T.S. And I'm determined to make
the world a better place, too, even though there seem to be so many ahead of
me on that.

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