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Re: CWL and JHE

Sep 02, 1995 02:05 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Jerry E-H wrote:
> If this description is wrong, then for me, it throws
> suspicion upon other information that Purucker has expanded upon.
> The more often I find him wrong, the more cautious and critical I
> would become about his writings. If his descriptions turned out
> to be wrong often enough, and his errors pervasive enough, I
> would eventually discount his writings altogether at some point.


 Don't we all have our blind spots in our reasoning? If one can
find even one idea that opens a new door for you it could prove to be
extremely valueable. In a Mahatma letter I ran across the idea that
whole sermons can be taught through a rock.
 While I agree with you that "errors pervasive enough" might make
me less inclined to spend valueable time pouring over that particular
writers works, I don't understand why you feel they would force you
to "discount his writings altogether".

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