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Re: CWL and JHE

Sep 01, 1995 08:06 PM
by David McArdle

>"The legend of MU and Atlantis, it should be understood, did not originate with
>Dan Fry, nor Adamski, and in fact can be traced back to some of the earliest
>theosophical writings of the 20th Century.

I think Plato had something to say about Atlantis considerably before the
20th Century.

>Charles Leadbeater, a British theosophist and medium, in his Handbook of
>Theosophy (published in 1932) declared that Venusians ("Lords of the Flame")
>occupy the highest rank in what he called the "Great White Brotherhood," with
>Aryans considered the highest native race on Earth." (UFO magazine, pg 35)

This is also mentioned in many of the books of A.A.B. - see for instance 'A
Treatise on Cosmic Fire'.
Incidentally, did I not see a recent post about Leadbeater's mention of
Martians since descredited by NASA probes?

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