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re: CWL &JHE

Sep 02, 1995 01:15 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>"The legend of MU and Atlantis, it should be understood, did not originate with
>Dan Fry, nor Adamski, and in fact can be traced back to some of the earliest
>theosophical writings of the 20th Century.

I think Plato had something to say about Atlantis considerably before the
20th Century.

>Charles Leadbeater, a British theosophist and medium, in his Handbook of
>Theosophy (published in 1932) declared that Venusians ("Lords of the Flame")
>occupy the highest rank in what he called the "Great White Brotherhood," with
>Aryans considered the highest native race on Earth." (UFO magazine, pg 35)

This is also mentioned in many of the books of A.A.B. - see for instance 'A
Treatise on Cosmic Fire'.

I agree, there are other sources, but Peter A. Jordan., the writer of this
article, decided to focus on theosophical writings. One could say he didn't do
his homework, but maybe this also represents how some of the general public sees
the Thesophical movement. I've heard that HPB has been blamed for the "New Age"
and all that comes under that name.

- ann

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