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Re: Story of Deconversion: Confession from the Snake Pit

Sep 02, 1995 01:28 AM
by Lewis Lucas


 Thank you for sharing that. It made me appreciate once again how
fortunate I have been in my own process of self discovery. HPB
lamented that so many set sail on the ocean of occultism without the
benefit of compass, rudder or sail!

 I came to theosophy at an early age and almost immediately (Paul,
Cayce's life story began my journey). But many times since, as a
member of the St. Petersburg lodge in Florida, I met people like
yourself who had spent their whole life searching thru various 'isms
and 'osophies and marveled at my good fortune.

 Within the "new age" movement there are those who are, as Bing
Escudero once expressed it to me, caught up in the "guru go-round."
I think it was HPB who said she preferred a good sceptic to someone
who was so guilable that they would follow anyone anywhere, like so
many flies into the boiling milk.


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