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Re: In the Lion's Den

Sep 02, 1995 00:40 AM
by Lewis Lucas

JRC wrote:
> Daniel -
> Careful! You tread on *very* dangerous ground here ... this is not
> the lion's den - 'tis a list full of snakes, coiled and holding their tails
> in their mouths ... and if you stay much longer, not only will you not
> manage to "convert" a single one to your point of view, but their evil
> wisdom may start creeping into your soul through hidden cracks in your mind
> (that are unknown even unto yourself!) and you may find yourself (gasp!)
> beginning to actually question your *own* beliefs!
> (Psssssssst - hey buddy, over here ... you vant to taste theees
> apple?)
> (Tee Hee).
> Sorry, I realize this may be quite serious, but the sudden presence
> of an evangelical on this list is such an unexpected delight, such a very
> bizarre intellectual juxtaposition, that I have been in stitches since you
> began posting.
> -JRC
> Evangelical Economist & Chaos Theorist
> [(-:)]

 ME TOO! Thanks for a great post. I printed this one with
intentions of showing it to my wife who's sister is lousy with this
kind of "logic", and for my poor daughter who has to put up with this
kind of "logic" at our local high school--even from some of the
teachers, whom one would think were better educated!

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