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In the Lion's Den

Sep 01, 1995 02:34 AM
by Bee Brown

This is a reposting as I made a booboo the first time round.

>Hi Daniel,
>May I humbly add my little bit and first ask if you have read HPB's Isis
>Unveiled. It's historical scope is grand and puts all our various 'saviours'
>in a wider perspective. I will give a small quote from Vol 2 pg 335. " How
>little Jesus had impressed his personality upon his own century, is
>calculated to astound the inquirer. Renan shows that Philo, who died towards
>the year 50, and who was born many years earlier that Jesus, living all the
>while in Palastine while the 'glad tidings' were being preached all over the
>country, according to the Gospels, had never heard of him. Josephus, the
>historian, who was born 3 or 4 years after the death of Jesus, mentions his
>excecution in a short sentence, and even those few words were altered 'by a
>Christian hand' says the author of the Life of Jesus, writing at the close
>of the first century. Josephus, the painstaking enumerator and careful
>historian of even the most unimportant sects, entirely ignores the existence
>os a Christian sect. Suetomius, secretary of Adrian, writing in the first
>quarter of the 2nd century, knows so little of Jesus or his history as to
>say that the Emperor Claudius 'banished all the Jews, who were continually
>making disturbances, at the instigation of one Crestus.' meaning Christ we
>must suppose. The Emperor Adrian himself, writing still later, was so
>little impressed with the tenets or importance of the new sect, that in a
>letter to Servianus he shows that he believes the Christians to be
>worshippers of Serapis." End of quote.
>That is another perspective you may take or leave but I think it fair to
>acknowledge that there are other ways of being 'saved' I know of a lot of
>people who are waiting to be saved by the Space Brothers who will effect the
>earth's transit into a more spiritual mode. These people are not cranks
>either but have chosen that idea as valid for them. I find them quite
>normal, intellegent persons.

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