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Aug 30, 1995 09:27 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

At 10:50 PM 8/30/95, wrote:
>Dear Art,
>I just reread what I wrote, it came out wrong. I meant it in
>the sense of "one keeps one's voice down", I didn't mean it to
>talk to you directly, & I wasn't saying you did something I
>didn't like. It's not a time to go shouting, because then the
>other fellow shouts back twice as loud .... But I shouted.

Oh well, I guess I should practise what I preach a bit more, that is listen
carefully. It did seem you were addressing me. I thought you were saying I
was out of line attempting to advocate for a reasoned discussion. After
reading your response I understand. So I apologize for jumping the gun,
Liesel :) I guess I felt the heat from the last few exchanges.

>Probably got Daniel mad, & that doesn't help. Maybe it'll make
>him go away. That's what I'd like for him to do. He's a pest, &
>I don't see what's the good of debating anything with him.

I know it is irritating speaking with someone from a completely different
world. I did it a lot when I was a pastor in a fundamentalist group. But I
learned a lot from those who I disaggree with if I could manage to listen.
I would never try to convince anyone of my beliefs.My goal is to just state
what I think as clearly and with authenticity as possible. I fail mostely
verbally because I get too excited sometimes. So when I complain of the
coersion of others I am fully aware that I can take on the same tone. I
guess no matter how hard we try our emotions can destort our intentions. Is
there something in Theosophical teaching that instructs us how to hold
truth passionately and yet at the same time respect and listen to others
who have no intention of compromise? Is it possible to be tolerant of those
you consider intolerant and come out with integrity? I hope so. I'll keep
trying anyway.

Under the Mercy,

Arthur Paul Patterson

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