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Re: Blaming

Aug 30, 1995 09:39 AM

Dear K. Paul
Now that you mention it, I know one thing about "blame". I know
it's done, by Theosophists, and also if you go to a mall & talk
to a sales clerk. If she's made a mistake on your bill, it's
invariably the computer (which, just incidentally, is worked &
programmed by human beings.) Everyone always says it's someone
else's fault. I've been taught, by a reliable Theosophist, a
pupil of CWL, that one is to take care of one's own Karma, and
leave other people's Karma for them to take care of. If you did
something you consider wrong, then you rectify it for yourself.
If you have a belief & you see one more suitable to yourself
come along, you modify your belief. But you cannot rectify for
another person. They need to do it themselves. I'm not saying
that I'm an angel who follows this all the time, but I try, &
I'm of the opinion that it works well. Anyway, it works well
for me.


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