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Re: Oops

Aug 30, 1995 12:49 PM

Dear Art Paul

Glad you wrote back, & we got that squared away quickly.

There is something Theosophy teaches which allows you listen,
have your own opinion & not get excited. It's called
detachment. I don't know whether I understand it well enough to
explain it to you. I used to try to practice it with my
applicants. You listen to them with empathy, but also with
objectivity. The Theosophical detachment is that you do an act
as well as you can, using your emotions if that's called for,
but then you detach & go on, & don't bother checking about the
outcome of what you did.

I don't know whether that means anything to you. It's late in
the day now, but tomorrow I'll have a look through my books for
a passage. I think Annie Besant described it some place.

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