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YHWY as master

Aug 30, 1995 07:06 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

Jerry and Daniel's discussion:

<Theosophy tends to be so mystical and spiritual that
>it does no worldly good. When the rubber meets the road
>and when pay dirt is necessary for REAL life iving...the
>jumbled utterings from supposed masters leaves you with
>no real foundation.>
> This is your own personal opinion, and I wish
>you well with it. It certainly does not reflect my
>own findings. I have found that the mysticism and
>spirituality of theosophy does me a lot of worldly
>good (my health and optimistic outlook, just for
>starters). I hate to keep repeating myself here, but
>the "rubber" only "meets the road" in your own mind.
>It does no such thing in mine.

It wasn't really the Masters or what they said that seemed to help in my
case. It was the nature of those who work in theosophy. They are really
worth getting to know. They have a love for learning and a generosity that
is so refreshing. When I started with a "spiritual life," I didn't know
anyone who cared like I wanted to care, and I had a tough time meeting
anyone with similar goals. The Masters were lots of fun and so are all of
the other theosophical teachings, because it's part of a system which is
logical. It's logical for me to think of people helping other people. When
you know more or have more, you share it. They were talking about all of
the right things, and so intellectually stimulating that I just had to love
them. It was a much better place to study than a university is.
>:<I can prove to you that following your own
>interpretation or one of the supposed masters will
>certainly cause you to live a life in sinking sand.>

Would you please do this? I'd be interested in seeing your proof.

DO NOT call YHWH a master

No one here thinks that YHWH is a master, I don't think. The Hindu term is
Ishwara, I believe. Some people are so serious about having their Masters
accepted, but it doesn't really matter if they're learning things from the
Masters or not. Belief in the Masters is not mandatory for membership in
the T.S.

I was thinking the other day, that "powers" in the West might be equated to
something other than materializing objects like teacups or being in two
places at one time or even raising someone from the dead. "Powers" in the
West might someday be more equated with "having read a book." There sure is
an opportunity today to read and read and read. Sometimes I pick up some
new material, and I change. I really feel different. And what I'm reading
starts to take form in my everyday life. Then I might meet someone who
"resonates" with my studies and it's almost as if reading the book brought
me into contact with the people and experiences I'm going through.

I suppose if "powers" can change, so could "masters." I have to admit that
sometimes I really long to be someone's servant, because people are so good
to me. I just wish I could stay with them and help them and love them in
that way. Once I had a job for a lawyer and she was in a wheelchair and
most of the day we just did things like shopping in Chicago, or different
kinds of errands. I also had a friend who was an M.D. She needed help with
her children and getting adjusted to life in the U.S. as she was born in
Syria and received her M.D. in France. I learned so much by observing her
inner nature. It was so pure. I wonder if it wasn't because she was so
religious. She used to pray five times a day and we had discussions about
Muslim life, and I'd observe how she'd relate to people. Do you think our
concept of Masters could change and it could just become "spiritual
qualifications" above and beyond the ordinary?

I'm not offended by you using terms like "God's grace." This has a good
meaning to me, too.

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