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Flaming Clarified

Aug 30, 1995 06:54 AM
by Arthur Paul Patterson

At 6:01 PM 8/30/95, Lewis Lucas wrote:

> I use the delete key. There is quote in K.A. Beechey's little
>daily quotation book that says something to the effect that one of
>the surest signs of regression is when we expect others to always be
>tolerant, kind and forbearing.

Dear Lewis,

I appreciate the sentiment of this quote. There is nothing worst than
insipid and insincere hand holding when strong opinions are being
expressed. That is indeed a sign of regression. I would even say infantile
regression that expects peace all the time. What I am getting at is not a
plea for agreement, or niceness, but mere accuracy and critical empathy.
Sometimes the dialogue moves beyond helpful sharpening of our wits into a
sort of bitterness and rankour. This is what I think the intro to Theos l
speaks about ie "being patient" I understand that as being patient enough
to ask for clarification.

For instance our Yahwist has some very interesting perspective, few that I
off hand agree with, but interesting nonetheless. Perhaps if time were
taken we could learn where this perspective comes from and what informs it.
I think that such an approach could be instructive and I could then deepen
my understanding of the fundamental unity I share with this person.

> I think it's often best to ignore those little outbursts. It is
>up to each to practice forbearance and the flames gives us an
>opportunity to develop this virtue. Don't take the bait!

I won't be baited, Lewis. But thanks for the concern. Thanks for your
contribution it gave me an opportunity to rethink and clarify.

Arthur Paul Patterson

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