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Re: Flaming Clarified

Aug 30, 1995 06:26 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>Dear Art Paul,
>I'm glad you can try to see the fundamental unity you have with
>this Daniel person. I'm glad somebody can, because the likes of
>him just manage to aggravate me.


Remember when you were in your twenties and you used to try to write down
things you were feeling, things about theosophy? Well, somehow they just
sounded like a kid in grade school and you'd read it over to yourself later
and it was like reading a diary and you'd think I hope I never let anyone
read this?

Not all of us are writers. To be honest, I don't remember anything
objectionable in what Daniel Hedrick was writing. It sounded a little curt
and maybe "unaided," but he might be an interesting person. Objective
reality.... lion's den.... I like it.

I hope you don't chase him away.


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