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Re: Theos-l: An Incendiary Fellowship?

Aug 30, 1995 06:31 AM
by Brenda S. Tucker

>I don't see what's the good of debating anything with him. I
>once had a fellow worker who was a Jehovah's Witness. They're
>more gentle than this guy, but they want to convince everyone
>else of their beliefs. I counter argued her for hours & days on
>end, just the way Eldon is doing now with Daniel. I never got
>her away from saying that her point of view was the only valid
>one. From that experience I feel, why blow my choppers? I'll
>protest when they start infringing on my rights ... like
>shooting an abortion doctor, or trying to decide for me what I
>may or may not do in my own home, or trying to pass a law that
>I must believe what they believe in.


We'll do the debating. Don't feel that you have to. Other people's
conversations are there for you to ignore or join in on, but I would think
you'd care that this man be given more than a two or three-post chance.
Everyone new here must feel a little strange at first or like they're just
jumping in during the middle of something. It would take at least a month
before you'd be able to form an opinion and even then you might be able to
see that some good was being accomplished, even if it were only in our
polishing our own approaches and debates on a variety of subjects.


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