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Re: Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 29, 1995 05:28 PM
by Richtay

Liesel: "That sounds reasonable, unless there are contradictions in the
originals. I was just thinking of the quote from "The Key..." about not
having prayer, and the idea of the 7 rays that for some rays prayers are the
way to follow."

This is an excellent example of confusing source material with secondarily
developed material.

HPB **never taught** the doctrine of seven rays as personality types --
that's Alice Bailey, and yet so many Theosophists today don't recognize this,
and can't tell original Theosophy apart from later developments.

Of course HPB's position on prayer contradicts the seven rays idea, that
prayer is right for some people. HPB gives out SOURCE material, Alice Bailey
has done her own thing with it.

You will find "seven rays" in The Secret Doctrine as occult energy aspects of
the Sun, not as personality types. Alice Bailey chose to make this
personality connection, and I believe she has made a mistake -- a big one.

If the T.S. Adyar has the most members, what does that show? That the
majority of people perceive correctly? Or that T.S. Adyar is a clearing
house for anything and everything, and so of course tons of people are
attracted? The other organizations and associations have a much more defined
focus -- and so the draw is smaller numerically, but is that how we are to
judge power and truth, by exoteric numbers?

Jerry Hejka-Ekins: "For instance, regarding CWL's
writings: the current edition of ~Man Whence How and Whither~ is about 1/4
the size of the original edition. His statements alluding to darker races as
being inferior doesn't fly in our post 60's society of racial equality, so
they have been removed. References to Krishnamurti as the world teacher have
all been quietly removed. In ~The Inner Life~, a fifty page clairvoyant
description of the Martian civilization was quietly removed in the edition
immediately following the 1976 Viking mission to Mars. It reminds me of the
scene in the movie ~1984~ where undesirable historical statements and events
and people are removed from the official records--thus cease to exist. "

Does this explain why people still think Leadbeater was a great Sage and
Teacher, because they don't know all the dumb stuff he said, which has since
been edited out? I had no idea the current *Man Whence How and Whither* was
1/4 the original size. I'd call that a HELL of an editing job.

If anyone edited HPB I'd be FURIOUS, but apparently CWL needs to be edited,
because most of what he wrote is useless and doesn't stand up to the test of
time. Martian civilization indeed!!


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