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Prayer et. al.

Aug 29, 1995 04:52 PM
by Richtay

Patrick: "what is going on is a cooperation with natural cycles and
evolutionary opportunities -- prayers work with these and are not focused on
invoking some being for any personal reason."

Prayers need not be oriented to PERSONAL gain to be PRAYERS. Invoking the
Christ to heal the planet may be more noble than invoking Him for a new
Mercedes, but both are prayers just the same.

Eldon: "It's too bad that the major groups don't simply recognize memberships
in the other groups, so that a membership in one is accepted as a membership
in the rest!"

I agree with this in principle, and I agree with the spirit in which it's
written, but it is also true that each wing of the Movement has its own
particular magnetism, its own particular goals, as well as being a part of
the global Movement. It may be well that individuals are required to take
personal action to get involved in various wings, otherwise it might become a
casual affair.

As for me, I am seriously contemplating joining the TS Wheaton as well as the
TS Pasadena. My primary work is of course with ULT but it is important to me
to be in touch with as much as possible, and build bridges where I see
opportunities. There are students in every wing of the movement that see the
value in the Source literature and stick to the lines laid down. These would
be wonderful people to network with, much could be accomplished. Plus
getting to VOTE on important issues would be nice.

Jerry S.: " HPB speaks a lot about theosophy
forming the cornerstone of a worldwide religion especially as it itself
incorporates many many ideas from the world's religions."

No, HPB at one point says Theosophy will be the cornerstone of the future
religions [plural] of humanity.

In ISIS UNVEILED she says that in a few centuries hence, Buddhism and
Brahmanism, Christianity and Islam will all disappear before the mighty rush

Paying 10 cents a message on Compuserve SUCKS and perhaps it is time to
switch services. In the meantime, I will try to be sensitive and combine
posts, saving money for the Compuserve kids.

Liesel: "The way Theosophy describes it, there were first generations of
elementals & evolution went on from there into more & more complicated
systems. "

That's not what I understand Theosophy to be teaching. In The Secret
Doctrine, the formation of worlds is describes as a building up process that
involves ALL the kingdoms of nature, all the little "hierarchies" as well as
the Dhyan Chohans. The elementals have their role to play, to be sure, but
the blueprint and the lines laid down, directed by the collective Unviersal
Mind and vivified by Fohat, involve beings FAR beyond elementals. The humans
have been there all along as well, we just weren't incarnated then as we are

I have never seen Theosophy teach an evolution of complex forms PHYSICALLY
from less coplex forms, but rather forms emerge from the ideational planes
down the the astral, gradually magnetizing the matter around them, and
emerging slowly onto the material plane.

In the book DARWIN ON TRIAL the author Philip E. Johnson shows that while
modern science has examples of species evolving into species, there is not a
single example of a genus evolving into a new genus.

Nor is there any fossil or molecular evidence that complex organisms emerged
from single-celled organisms. Physical, Darwinian evolutionary theory is in
BIG trouble today.


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