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Re: Re:Theosophy as a religion

Aug 29, 1995 10:07 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>At what point does the difference from Blavatsky "interpretation of
>Buddhistic & Brahmanic teachings" from our own interpretation, create
>enough conflict where one or the other is in error? Is our individual
>interpretation the key?
>Am I absolutely stranded on a subjective island?
>or am I subjectively stranded on an objective island?

If you consider Blavatsky as a scholar of comparative religion, her
interpretation is one of many, subject to her logic and insight into
what she wrote on. If you, on the other hand, consider her as a *presenter*
of certain Mystery Teachings, using the comparative religion and
comparative philosophy manner of presentation to describe how that
Wisdom Tradition is found throughout popular though, you may arrive
at a different conclusion. In the later case, it is the statements of
philosophy that she makes that are important, as fragments of a hidden
tradition, and her references to various religions and philosophies are
merely for purpose of illustration of the points that she is making.

-- Eldon

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