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Re: Comments re Hierarchies

Aug 29, 1995 10:03 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker

>This evolutionary change as I have read also aligns
>itself with the dawning of the age of Aquarius and the
>fading away of the age of Pieces.
>Is there also not conversation of those that worship the cross
>as being removed during this change or evolutionary step?
>BTW, I am new this group and am placing ideas for you to
>update. I am sure part of what I have jeard is just that
>Daniel (My colors will be revealed soon...)

I'd think that things like the "age of pisces" or the "age of aquarius"
have to do with the temperament of social organizations. Society takes
on a different face at different times in history, and over a long period
of time it cycles through many different structures and organizations.

Humanity itself may not change much, but old cultural forms are discarded
and new ones taken up. It's like when we put on a different set of clothes;
we are the same person, just dressed differently.

As individuals, we're free to practice whatever religion -- including
Christanity -- that may suit us. Each religion provides us with a different
framework for achieving our spirituality. The selection of which framework
to use is not important, what is important is that we take control of our
lives and *practice the spiritual.*

There's no special merit, I'd say, to being either aligned with older
picean forms or with newer aquarian forms. It's no different than if we
choose to drive an old car or drive a newer model. The bigger question is
how good a driver are we?

-- Eldon Tucker

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