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Re: Comments re Hierarchies

Aug 30, 1995 01:08 AM
by Lewis Lucas

Liesel wrote:
> Eldon,
> I don't agree with you. I think some form of cells were there
> first. Cells have some sort of consciousness. I believe that
> they evolved little by little into more & more complicated
> mechanisms, as my book describes it, formed groups, formed
> cooperating systems, until you finally arrived at a semblance
> of a human being, which then evolved into what we are today.
> The way Theosophy describes it, there were first generations of
> elementals & evolution went on from there into more & more
> complicated systems. To me that runs the same way as the
> findings of the scientists mentioned in my book. I think our
> vision right now is to achieve Teilhard's noosphere.

 I have a vague recollection of there being three forces in nature
which work together to create a conscious entity. The first two
follow the gradual evolutionary path you describe Liesel, but the
third is "invoked" (deal with it Rick) after the form has reached a
sufficient stage of development to call forth this quickening. Anyone
else familiar with this theory?

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